The last step of the roasting process after the coffee beans are removed from the drum is to cool them down. Freshly roasted coffee beans must cool down to room temperature. It is preferred to air cool your coffee in order to maintain the quality and store it for longer...

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Selected Beans

Green ‘beans’ are the state in which coffee moves from producer to consumer nation as this is the state in which they will not degrade in terms of quality or taste. Roasting, or adding heat to these beans, should occur in an operation that is close to the consumer market...

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Roast Level Control

There are effectively four coffee roast levels, or categories, and all based on the color of the bean. They are as follows: “Light roast, Medium roast, Medium-dark roast, Dark Roast” Simple ways to control the roasting level. The first is focused on bringing the beans to a temperature that will result in...

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Choose Your Roasting

Many consumers assume that the strong, rich flavor of darker roasts indicates a higher level of caffeine, but the truth is that light roasts actually have a slightly higher concentration. “The perfect roast is a personal choice that is sometimes influenced by national preference or geographic location.” Light Roast Light brown in color,...

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